Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My New Sidekick

I have gone downright goofy over my new roommate and companion, Sunshine.
I knew from the first day that she spent the night with me that my home was her home.  She knew it, too, although she was a bit nervous and unsure of what was happening to her at first.

Sunshine has been with me a month, and I can’t imagine my life without her.  She is a mess!  Stubborn and headstrong, she certainly doesn’t have the temperament of a German Shepherd.  She isn't my Diamond, and she reminds me every day that while she can’t take the place of Diamond in my heart, she can wiggle and wag her way into a vacant spot that had been unoccupied until she came my way. 

I am learning many new things from Sunshine.  I now notice every squirrel, bird, leaf, and stick that happens upon our path when we are out for a walk.  My ears perk up as Sunshine goes into alert mode over a strange sound or unexpected movement along our path.  I am soaking in her enthusiasm of the world around her, and her exuberance over walking through a park makes me smile and feel better about my life.  We are becoming best pals.

Sunshine loves sitting in my lap.  While she is a little whirling dervish when she is on the playground at the kennel with other dogs, and jumps up and down greeting new dogs as they make their way down the aisle to their runs at the kennel, she is a couch potato when we are home alone.  She has learned to wait for me to invite her to get up onto my lap, but with my invitation, it only takes one flying leap for her to land squarely in my lap.  And once she is settled, it only takes a heartbeat before she is snoozing comfortably in my arms. 

When I first began training Sunshine, she rebelled at every opportunity.  However, with each day that we are together, her trust in me grows, and she now responds to my commands to sit, wait, heel, and stay (most of the time).  She still wants to meet every new friend by jumping up onto them, and it is difficult for her to learn not to do this.  She wants to make friends with every person and animal she meets.  But her eagerness to please sparkles in her big brown eyes, and I know she wants to make me proud of her.

Sunshine and I have big plans for spring and summer.  We want to go hiking together and check out parks and recreation areas to explore.  She is going to help get me back into shape, and I am going to keep her busy doing all the things a little Mountain Feist likes to do.   

Yep, we are pals!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Post-Birthday Musings

I think I am experiencing birthday hangover.  Or maybe fun depletion.  Could it be I’m getting old?  Certainly not that, I keep telling myself!  Then, what could it be?

I have to say that this birthday is the best one I’ve had in several years.  I didn’t have a big bash like the one  when I turned 60, but this birthday had more depth and breadth than any in my memory.  Emotions ran high as I basked in the warmth of friendships and family lovin’.

Anyone who reads my blog or follows my days on Facebook knows my excitement over turning 65 and getting my Medicare card.  You also know some of what this past year has done to me.  But what you may not know, unless you are good at reading between the lines, is that this birthday has been an affirmation of who I am and a celebration that I am still here, still standing, and still moving forward. 

And so it is today, three days after my big day, that I sit down at my computer to reflect, contemplate, dream a little, and pray a lot.  I am alone.  Except for my little dog, Sunshine, I am spending this time in solitude.  I am a little lonely, a bit melancholy, and on the verge of tears.  But don’t feel sorry for me! Or worry about me!  I think all of these feelings are necessary for the next stage of my personal journey and growth.  I would rather be where I am today than where I was a year ago, so I am not complaining.  No, not one iota!

My birthday is officially over, and life is settling back into normalcy and daily routines.  But the milestone of this day has been set along the road I am traveling with a great big happy face etched into the stone for all to see who might find themselves traveling along my road for a distance.

My birthday is now past for another year, but the celebration of life continues.