Thursday, April 11, 2013

To Fly!

One of my favorite pet owners brought his two dogs, Kendra and Kincade, into the kennel today to board for a few days.  Tracy and I enjoy chatting when he brings the dogs to stay with us, and our conversations can cover just about any topic.   Today, we began talking about wishes coming true.

Tracy asked me, “If you could have one wish come true: to either fly or be able to read other people’s minds, which one would you choose?”

No hesitation at all for me!  To fly! That would be my one wish.  He nodded in agreement and said that he would wish the same thing.   I told Tracy about my recurring childhood dream of being able to fly, and he told me that he had similar dreams.  From the topic of flying, we segued into cloud gazing, only to find that we both enjoy the same sport, as clouds are integral ingredients in the world of flight!

My childhood dream is so vivid, I can picture it as I sit here typing.  It follows the theme of Peter Pan, as the children are sprinkled with pixie dust and float out of the nursery window on their journey to Never Never Land.  In my dream, I am in my bed, and a fairy appears waving a wand over my body, sprinkling sparkly dust all over me.  As the sparkles touch me, I begin to float and soon find myself high above my bed.  I use my arms and legs to propel myself through my bedroom window, where I soar above the trees in our backyard, and float with the night breeze toward the moon.   I am not afraid, but fully caught up in the sensation of drifting higher and higher above the earth.  The dream never had an ending or a conclusion – I would always wake up while in mid-flight!

To fly!  I still have that wish and dream.  My spirit soars with the wind and rides the clouds, but my body remains glued to the earth.  I gaze at clouds, wishing they were the pillows of fluff that they appear to be from my vantage point on earth, and long to jump into them, leap from one to another, and feel their softness against my skin as I tumble into them  and become enveloped in them as one does in a down mattress .  I also gaze at the nighttime sky, and want to explore the galaxies.   The black velvet of the nighttime sky beckons me as I dream of dancing from star to star and sitting on the crescent moon to observe all of God’s creation around me.

It is a dream, only a dream.  But perhaps one day I will be able to fly, and my dream will come true.  When it does, I hope I’ll be able to write about it to share with you!

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